Bio-Engineering Services: Construction

River Restoration

With over twenty five years experience providing bio-engineered solutions for rivers we have unrivalled expertise in river restoration and associated project management.

Projects range from major habitat restoration schemes covering several miles of river bank to reach-scale schemes with localised issues. Read more


Extensive work with Canal trusts and British Waterways over many years has led to the development of  erosion control and public safety solutions  at the same time as enhancing aesthetics and biodiversity. Read more

Stillwaters: Ponds, Lakes & Wetlands

We undertake various works within stillwaters including restoration, bank protection and improvements to ponds, lakes and wetlands.  Our services include consultancy advice relating to small earth dam embankments and offtake/outfall control structures. Read more


We are pioneers in the development of bio-engineered solutions in tidal environments and have delivered a significant number of successful projects for tidal defence protection.

The use of locally-sourced sustainable woodland products also ensures that whilst these projects are successful in engineering terms, they are both sustainable and supporting of the rural economy.

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