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15 July 2010
Cain Bio-Engineering: River Doctor TV Screenshot

In order to further raise awareness of river restoration techniques and showcase recent successful projects, Cain Bio-Engineering launched the YouTube channel ‘River Doctor TV‘.

New video case-studies and short educational clips will populate the channel which can be found at the following address:

Videos currently available on River Doctor TV include:

  • A video case study of soft engineering works on the Severn Estuary SSSI SAC Ramsar at Purton South Gloucestershire.


  • A corporate responsibility video from Wessex Water plc detailing a Cain Bio-Engineering river restoration project on the River Avon SSSI SAC at East Chisenbury, Wiltshire.


  • A new addition to the channel is the project case study video for Phase 1 of the Avon East Chisenbury restoration project detailing the principles involved as well as the ground breaking techniques that were trialled during the project.