About us

Over 25 years dedicated to river mending and wetland creation

When the Water Authority dredged several miles of pristine chalk stream habitat on Wiltshire’s River Ebble in 1984, Simon Cain put aside his fly rod and set about trying to rectify the damage. During the ensuing period, Cain apprenticed himself to the study of chalk stream restoration, environmental river engineering and fluvial geomorphology leading to the establishment of Cain Bio-Engineering Ltd.

Over 25 years have elapsed since that first attempt at habitat improvement on the dredged river Ebble, followed by Simon’s first pioneering river restoration project in 1987 at Ballington Manor on the river Wylye. Cain Bio-Engineering’s core team of specialists The River Doctors’ now enjoy an enviable track record as one of the most prolific and successful river restoration teams in the UK today. Indeed, the ethical principals that were the foundation of the business are still very much in evidence today.

There is ever-increasing pressure on our riverine and aquatic environments. Rather than respond with traditional hard-engineered approaches to river restoration, bank erosion and wetland creation, Cain Bio-Engineering has continuously explored environmentally sympathetic soft-engineered alternatives. We, therefore, have a reputation for cutting-edge design and high-quality project implementation across a wide spectrum of habitat restoration and erosion control projects.

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