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Erosion control

Cain Bio-engineering is the UK’s leading ‘Design & Build’ installer of green-engineered erosion control solutions. We have amassed over 25 years’ experience delivering erosion control projects in a wide range of aquatic environments including rivers, streams, lakes, canals and Inter-Tidal estuaries.

Erosion is a natural process that is essential in maintaining a healthy river and Inter-Tidal system. However, where it threatens man-made infrastructure or assets, sensitive and creative intervention is often required. Traditional, hard-engineered solutions can be expensive, inappropriate and unfeasible in many environments, such as within protected river systems, or estuaries with difficult ground conditions. Hard engineering is also unsightly and can often lead to further erosion.

Creative long-term solutions are at hand!

Key to the delivery of successful erosion control is understanding the cause and we pride ourselves in developing long-term, durable solutions using soft and composite engineering techniques even within the most constrained of sites and have considerable experience delivering erosion control within designated environments.

Cain Bio-Engineering employs an experienced team with a comprehensive understanding of river processes, tidal construction, ecological outcomes and the constraints of working in tidal channels. We also have extensive experience providing solutions appropriate for installation in Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Special Areas of Conservation (SAC), Special Protection Areas (SPA) and Ramsar Sites.

Our experience ranges from small-scale erosion control in domestic streams and mill leats, through to very large catchment-scale (100m +) projects undertaken for navigation erosion control, dams and reservoirs.

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