Fish Passage

Enabling the movement of fish in any upstream or downstream direction.

Migratory fish species, including trout, salmon, shad and eels, are being affected by the presence of man-made structures and barriers, such as weirs, dams, and slouches. The removal of such impediments is the best way to alleviate the problem and enable fish to reach traditional spawning grounds, often miles up-river. However, where removal of such obstacles is not possible, the creation of fish-passes (sometimes referred to as ladders) is the best solution.

Fish-passes enable the free passage of fish (particularly those migrating) over, through or around any barrier or obstacle in an upstream or downstream direction. Cain Bio-Engineering have installed fish passes on the Bourne Rivulet, Childrey Brook, and Pilhill Brook, for example, that have encouraged the passage of as many fish species as possible – not just the athletes among them!

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