Cain Bio Engineering wins WTT award

9 January 2012

Wild Trout Trust Conservation Awards 2011

Cain Bio-Engineering was awarded ‘runner up’ in the 2011 WTT professional category for the creation of a 200m naturalised bypass channel and other BAP habitats on the River Lodden at Aborfield.

The project took 19 years to complete, from initial conception and design to installation, which is hugely indicative of the number of complications involved within the project.

The key feature of the project was its impressive 200m ‘semi-natural’ bypass channel, facilitating the free passage of coarse fish and salmonids around a number of permanent weir and flow control structures.

The installation involved the creation of eight large holding pools, naturalised spawning gravels and a variety of different coarse and salmonid fish habitats including the installation of copious amounts of woody debris. In addition the project improved the habitat of 4km of impounded channel upstream as well as creating 2.5ha of wet woodland, fen, swamp and marsh.

The judges were ‘impressed by the technical problems that were overcome in creating not only all round better habitat, but managing to incorporate and blend a very naturalised fish passage into the landscape.  The creation of a large area of wet woodland was also applauded and heavily praised.’