Lambourn Aylott Hatches – Fish Pass

Cain Bio-Engineering completed the construction of a fish pass on the River Lambourn at Bagnor Estate. This reach (Aylott Hatches) of the River Lambourn suffered from three impoundments impassable to fish:

  • Aylott Hatches
  • Aylott Weir
  • Weed rack

In order to improve fish passage, Cain Bio-Engineering was able to successfully eliminate these impounding features by both removing the impounding hatches and weed rack, and creating a rock ramp to manage gradient along the main river channel, allowing fish passage over the concrete Weir. Salmonid habitat quality was improved by dressing the main river and side channel with site-won gravel. Further habitat benefits of this project included the creation of: an area of wet woodland, an online backwater and an offline pond.