River bank erosion protection on the River Stour

River Stour – Design and erosion control

Cain Bio-Engineering Ltd were approached by Bournemouth Borough Council to complete a design and construction assignment to provide river bank erosion protection to a section of the River Stour at Muscliffe Park.

The section of river is located on an outside bend and undergoes high erosive forces during flood events which frequently over top the bank.   The existing bank was steep and undercut with on-going scour leading to failure of the bank and a section of adjacent footpath causing health and safety concerns for members of the public.

A long term durable erosion protection solution in the form of a chestnut post and geotextile bank revetment was designed and constructed up to 2 metres in height.  This design allows vegetation to regrow along the top and front face of the structure which will help strengthen the bank into the future. The revetment performed well during its first winter with several large flood events over topping the bank.

River bank erosion protection on the River Stour

Before: Eroded and undercut steep bank leading to collapse of a section of footpath (fenced).



River bank erosion protection on the River Stour

During: Chestnut post installation into the river bed along the original bank alignment.

River bank erosion protection on the River Stour

After: Completed revetment prior to vegetation regrowth.


Revisit: Completed revetment after 10 months of growth

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