Cain Bio-engineering is a leading specialist in the repair of damaged chalk stream habitats. Our skill set has evolved to meet an increasingly diverse and complex range of river and water-related issues. We provide cost-effective, durable and environmentally appropriate solutions associated with exposed or failing infrastructure due to old age, flooding and scour.

Cain Bio-Engineering draws on an extensive and expanding database from over three decades of practical experience in the field and has unrivalled understanding of river processes, aquatic environmental engineering and the delivery of specific ecological outcomes. We also have considerable experience in the design and delivery of solutions approved for use in Special Areas of Conservation (SAC),Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI),Special Protection Areas (SPA) and Ramsar Sites and have established long-term collaborative relationships with regulatory bodies such as Natural England the Environment Agency and Historic England.

As the UK’s leading provider of environmentally-friendly soft engineering solutions, we continue to set the industry standard.