Bank erosion

Cain Bio-Engineering provides soft bank engineering solutions to bank erosion issues.  We have developed our own ‘Coirnet’ bank revetment for bank protection which is constructed from chestnut posts, geotextiles and backfilled with gravel.  Coirnet is resistant to burrowing animals such as the North American signal crayfish and allows for natural revegetation of the top and face of the revetment which allows plant root systems to bind the bank together.

We also offer traditional oak timber faced boarding bank protection and toe protection in the form of timber sleeper and gravel backfill.

Cain Bio-Engineering consultants will assess your bank erosion issues and recommend the best solution for your situation.

Before Construction: Eroded bank line and undercut timber sleeper toe protection.

10 - TVP US view of TVP erosion 18

Before Construction: Wildfowl were exacerbating the erosion issues where the existing bank protection had failed.

12-TVP After - DS detail of revetment after 18 months 120

After Construction: Installation of new timber sleeper erosion protection toe dug in to the bed.

8 - TVP upstream view -TVP After 18 months of heavy use. 116

After Construction: The bank line was regraded to introduce a sloped bank to reduce future erosion.  The timber sleeper toe was backfilled with gravel to provide scour and wildfowl erosion protection.