Domestic gardens

Cain Bio-Engineering undertake stream and riverbank works for domestic landowners including erosion protection, habitat enhancement and river restoration.  No project is considered too small for our involvement.

The example below showcases a mill leat improvement/restoration to improve aquatic and marginal habitat.

1 - Mill stream

Before Construction: Over widened and artificially straightened channel.

2 Work in progress -

During Construction: Installation of bank toe protection with a Coirnet (post and geotextile) bank revetment and regrading of banks.

3- Detail showing landscaping with wetland & bog garden on LH bank-13

After Construction: Completed project showing sinuosity reintroduced to the channel.

4 - weed -planting-15

After Construction: Ranunculus planting becoming established within the chalk stream.

5 - Avon Carrier 6 months later VI- 51

Follow-up: Marginal and aquatic plants have become firmly established.

6 - General garden view 168

Follow-up: Restoration to a ‘natural’ chalk stream

7 - Upstream view of the mill wheel, garden wetland and restored stream - Sharcott,Pewsey-59 

Follow-up: The stream has developed a natural chalk stream appearance with a gravel bottom and a profusion of Ranunculus growing within channel.