Erosion Control

Looking for robust, sustainable erosion control? Then look no further!

Cain Bio-engineering is the UK’s leading ‘Design & Build’ installer of green-engineered erosion control solutions. We have amassed over 40 years’ experience delivering erosion control projects in a wide range of water environments including rivers, streams, lakes, canals, reservoirs and estuaries.

Key to the delivery of successful erosion control measures is understanding the cause. This underpins our design ethos as reflected by the range of skills within our dedicated team. Aquatic and Civil engineering, Fluvial geomorphology, Geotechnical, Hydraulic modelling, Topographic & Sub-aquatic survey, Fisheries and Ecological disciplines are all used in various combinations to ensure that the most durable and environmentally-friendly solutions are developed.

Erosion, as a natural process, is essential in maintaining healthy river and estuarine systems. However, where it threatens man-made infrastructure or assets, sensitive and creative intervention is often required. Traditional, hard-engineered solutions can be expensive, inappropriate and unfeasible in many environments such as within protected river systems or floodplains and estuaries with difficult ground conditions. Hard engineering is also unsightly and can often lead to further erosion. However, creative solutions are at hand!

Eroding stretch of the River Tame in Reddish Vale, Stockport
Completed revetment – view showing the willow spiling weave
15 months after completion

We pride ourselves in developing long-term, durable solutions using soft and composite engineering techniques even within the most constrained of sites and have considerable experience delivering erosion control within designated environments.

We employ the most appropriate and environmentally friendly solutions where conditions dictate, including traditional soft engineering techniques such as willow spilling, brushwood mattresses, Large Woody Debris (LWD) and hazel faggot bundles; or in the more geotechnically demanding environments such as dam and highway repairs, a wide range of geo-synthetic fabrics and geo-grids into which marginal shrubs and vegetation readily grow. We have also developed our own in-house ‘Coirnet’ technique to deliver cost effective, robust and creative design solutions. ‘Coirnet’ is a highly adaptable solution which is particularly suited to water-garden bank stabilisation and domestic stream erosion assignments.

Our completed projects range from small-scale erosion control in domestic streams and mill leats, through to very large catchment-scale (100m +) projects undertaken for navigation erosion control and dam and reservoir erosion control. We also specialise in infrastructure erosion control projects, providing protection to gas pipelines, bridges, electricity pylons, railway embankments and other key infrastructure for national utilities.

Our Unique Selling Point is the ability to deliver projects from site analysis and project design through to construction and project management, providing an efficient and cost-effective ‘one stop shop’ for all your aquatic erosion control needs.

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